As another season of Indian Premier League is going forward, a trend related to cricketers is increasing the fever in the market. This time around, fans have a craze for tattoos just like their idol cricketer.

The list of cricketers with tattoos on their body is very long, from Virat Kohli to Ben Stokes including several other foreign players are featuring in this list of tattoo freaks. In Delhi, several tattoo artists are sitting in hotels, outside the stadium and on the streets to make tattoos.

An entrepreneur Naman Sharma, based in Delhi, loves this idea. He is a Virat Kohli fan and plays cricket regularly. “We have many similarities, and one [of them] is the passion for our profession. I have been looking for an opportunity to get inked the same way [as Kohli]. I saw a discount deal at a restaurant and decided to go for it.”

Tattoo artist Vikas Malani, from Body Canvas, says, “The Kohli tattoo is something everyone wants. More than temporary tattoos, I am getting queries for permanent tattoos.” The cost of getting a permanent tattoo is Rs 2,000 for the first square inch, followed by Rs 1,500 per square inch for a black and gray tattoo. Malani is offering a 20 percent discount as well, for the IPL season only.

He also offers some temporary tattoos, which costs INR 300 per inch.

Another tattoo artist Mohit Singh said “Delhiites like to follow trends, and with cricketer tattoos in demand, I paint two to three such tattoos every day. The price depends on the size [of the tattoo] and the number of colours used.”

Some restaurants find this idea very unique and they added IPL screening too in order to attract the audience. Jyoti Joshi and Sanjeev Kundra, who owns Feng Shui Kitchen, said: “Every year, I have offers on food and drinks to make the live screening interesting, but I was looking for a twist, and what could be better than engaging people in tattooing.”