The world of sport is very demanding and the competition to rise to the top is even more challenging. To be the best in a particular sport, an individual must possess certain qualities and abilities such as skills, talent, perseverance, dedication, determination etc. The pressure of performing at the highest level is enormous and it is not the easiest thing for a player to deal with it. Having said that superstitions are a part of individual’s life, whether it concerns their profession or not. Sportsman are no different. On the special occasion of Nadal’s birthday, let us have a glance at the superstitions followed by the tennis superstar.

  • The Walk-on

Always right foot first- Nadal, when he is walking from the tunnel to get into the court always puts his right leg first. This is a ritual he follows every match.

Bags over shoulders and racket in left hand- Nadal will always have a bag over shoulder during the walk-on and you will always see his racket in his left hand.