When India’s Tennis ace Sania Mirza flew off to London for the ICC Champions Trophy final between India and Pakistan on Sunday, she would’ve wished that people wouldn’t read too much into the sporting rivalry between the two countries. Mirza’s husband Shoaib Malik was part of the Champions Trophy-winning Pakistan side and the Hyderabadi was the subject of many on social media after the match as she starts trending whenever there is an Indo-Pak clash. Many a times she’s asked on which side she supports and she has managed to spring in a diplomatic answer every time.

“I support my husband, of course, but I support India too. It’s not as dramatic as people want to make it sound. They think we are at each other with knives every time India plays Pakistan. It’s not like that,” Mirza said.

Mirza also added that despite having a Pakistani husband, she has few detractors. “There are probably 20 per cent haters, but it’s still a large number of people. I feel sad for them that they have so much hate for a person they don’t even know,” she said.

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“We have to remember, it’s sport. That’s the message every athlete wants to put across. It doesn’t matter. When India lost to Pakistan, they lost a game of cricket, that’s the bottom line. It’s not war or a matter of life and death,” she added.

Pakistan won the Champion Trophy by thrashing their arch rivals India by a humongous margin of 180 runs. It is their first Champions Trophy and it really came in a surprise when the No.8 ranked team thrashed the tournament favorites.