In a Formula One race, much of the excitement, anticipation and intrigue revolves around the possibility of witnessing some breathtaking and awe-inspiring overtaking sequences.

Keeping in mind that the world championship has been in existence for over six decades in which there have been thousands upon thousands of such great overtake maneuvers, it is quite an arduous task to narrow it down to just five.

They all cannot make the list but there are some moments which have become quit enduring, memorable and historic that they have still stood the test of time today. Here are 5 of the top overtakes in the glorious history of the Formula One.

5) Nigel Mansell on Ayrton Senna, 1989 – Hungary

There is no question that one of the most fearless drivers of the 1980s was Nigel Mansell. He was renowned for his risk-taking and bullish driving and the testament to it is the fact that he appears more than once on this list.

Mansell made a move from Williams to Ferrari at the beginning of the 1989 Formula One season and he tagged with the nickname of ‘Il Leone’ by the ardent Tifosi for the reasons aforementioned.

In this race, Senna and Mansell were competing fiercely to take the lead as the latter troubled the former on multiple laps. However once the rivals reached up to the lap of Stefan Johansson’s Onyx, Mansell capitalized on the opportunity that was in front of him, swept out of Senna’s slipstream to take the lead, a lead which he would not surrender the rest of the way.