‘Iqbal’ is the name of the movie and character played by Shreyas Talpade who grows up to eat, sleep and live cricket. He does not like sharing the responsibilities of earning bread and butter for his family like most of teenagers. He is one in a kind not because he is dumb and mute, but because he does not consider that a limitation. Neither do his mother and sister, who share his aspiration of becoming a cricketer in the national team.

Iqbal practiced bowling alone on a dry patch of land with pruned branches as stumps. Steaming in from the other end, bare feet, his only aim is to strike the stumps. He was very far from getting to know the scientific techniques of cricket.

He had his first taste of professional training when his sister approaches the coach (Girish Karnad) of the Kolipad Cricket Academy to enroll him.  He is thrown out of the academy due to politics and he also now knew the difference when the batsman was standing in front of the stumps. He was left disappointed after being thrown out. The disappointment lasted only for a while because he finds out that the village drunkard Mohit (Naseeruddin Shah) had been a fast bowler for the state team but never quite went on to represent India.

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While Mohit is all sunk in his frustrations in the bottle of alchohol and leading an anonymous life. Iqbal tried to convince Mohit to help him become a better bowler. It was not easy to convince Moht but Iqbal just would not give up. Mohit picks up the challenge reluctantly, struggles to make him understand about the game in sign language.

When Iqbal finally achieved his dream and walked out of the Indian dressing room onto the ground, he can’t hear the deafening cheers in the stadium. But he had already lived the moment so many times in his dreams.


Shreyas Talpade, making his debut in Hindi films, puts in an outstanding performance. He virtually carries the film on his rugged shoulders, etching Iqbal’s simplicity and courage. Through the film, you live with every emotion the character goes through. Shreyas manages to hold his own against actors like Naseeruddin Shah and Girish Karnad.

It’s a story that leaves you inspired and shows the power of the human mind. Iqbal is not only about cricket. Watch the trailer: