The future of Hockey India League will be contemplated upon Hockey India’s Annual General Meeting on 24th July but franchises wanting to pull out will have their bank guarantees revoked. According to some media reports, Hockey India has relayed to the International Hockey Federation (FIH) that there will be no HIL in 2018 because of financial concerns related to some franchises.

However, a top HI official dismissed the speculations and stated no such communication taken place between HI and FIH, even though they are discussing a change in the timing of the franchise-based league. The source said there isn’t even one franchise that has threatened to back out from participating in the league.

“No franchise has expressed any serious reservation as of now although some obstacles arise every year. The franchise does not have the option of pulling out now as the three-month window for withdrawal after every edition, has expired. If they do it now, their bank guarantee stands forfeited.” the top official told PTI on condition of anonymity.

The official said that since FIH’s new Hockey Pro League will be held at the start of the year from 2019, HIL organizers are mulling over postponing the dates of the league to November-December from 2018.

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“Yes, we are thinking of shifting the timing of HIL from next year as from 2019 we will have to hold it at a later date because of Hockey Pro League. We are thinking of holding it in November-December instead of existing January-February.” the source added.