Everything that the sportsperson needs has been treated as the luxury items in GST. The basic sportsperson’s necessities are all going to take a hike as they are considered as luxury items. It’s not just the sportsmen but the traders, sponsors, manufacturer and fans will all feel the hit.

There is no relief for anybody in sports -from fan to service provider. Player might just be paying more on their service contracts with leagues. There may be some who will miss out on watching the league action but watching sports action at home is going to cost more from 1st July.

Stadium tickets

In the private leagues, GST will be charged 28 % whereas previously the rate was not fixed and could be anywhere between 25 and 45%. Sports Federation events will now have flat 18% GST to previously exempted tax. Anything below 250 INR will be exempted.



Sports fanatics will also pay more for all the fun as the service tax previously charged at 15% has been fixed at 18% under the GST regime. Players too will be paying more on their revenues from endorsements, league tie-ups and services. Media rights to production, each service will cost a little more. Sponsors too will end up paying more on their committed sponsorship figures.



People who enjoy playing sports and take their sports good very seriously, for playing might end up paying more. Tax levied is 28 % as to 18.5 % previously. Carroms, skipping ropes etc will all have the hike in their prices.



The sports shoe and apparel industry might be an exception and relieves the sport fanatics. Consumers, traders and producers for apparels shall be relieved that there is a reduction to 5 % from 9.5 % previously on footwear below 50 INR whereas footwear above 500 INR will be charged 18%. Apparels too aren’t affected by GST as apparels below 1000 INR will be charged just 5 % to previously 7 % whereas apparels above 1000 INR will be charged 18%.