Jehan Daruvala moved to England at the age of 13 with a view to embark his journey in motorsports. The 18-year-old has made the most of the sacrifices he made at that young age and became the first Indian to win FIA Formula 3. Jehan took a giant leap towards achieving his dream thereby, becoming the first Indian to win a race in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship in Nuremberg, Germany.

“Winning a race in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship is a big achievement as it’s probably one of the hardest series in the world. The victory gives me a lot of confidence and makes be believe more in myself. Hopefully I can be more consistent from here on,” Jehan told HT on Wednesday.

He added: “It’s quite a close series as lot of the drivers are on the top of their game all the time and you always have to be consistent and that’s the only way to have a chance.” It wasn’t a piece of cake for Jehan but he came through in the tough times and he was of the opinion that leaving away from home has taught him important lessons in life.

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“When I first went (to England) I was pretty homesick. But leaving alone and doing your own stuff in boarding school makes you more independent and which is good in sports. It helps you develop as a person. So, that was a good thing to happen,” said the Sahara Force India Academy driver, who drives from Carlin Motorsports.

It was his maiden year in the European Formula 3.  Although it did not seem that it had any effect on Jehan as he is currently fifth in the overall standings and second in the Rookies’ Cup after five rounds and another five still to go.

Jehan had written his name in the history few months back when he was at the summit in the second round in Monza, Italy, and finished second in that race. His second podium came during the Hungary race last month. Jehan has his eyes Formula One, as it is his ultimate ambition. On the other hand, the 18 year old wants to be fully prepared for the gruelling schedule of Formula One if opportunities come his way and not rush into things.

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“You want to develop your skills before you reach there (Formula One) and not develop your skill when you get there. It’s quite important to be in F1 when you are ready and good enough to be there. This sport in expensive but hopefully when I get there (Formula One), I will be getting paid,” said Jehan.