Jitender Mor was always seen cheering his son Karan Mor. He kept shouting instructions to Karan who was struggling against his opponent in the final. Karan called for timeout very early and complained that Vishal Kalliraman has poked a finger in his eye. Two more similar incidents happened but Karan was not giving up. He worked his way through the six minutes and in the end, came out on top 3-2.

Jitender jumped in the air when the winner was declared. Both Karan and Kalliraman train at the the Chhatarsaal stadium  in New Delhi.

“Because we train at the same stadium, he knows my style and I know his. I had no problem wrestling other guys who are more experienced that me as well but this guy is younger than me but is tougher just because he knows my style so well,” Karan says.

“I see him train every day and he is one of the toughest and talented wrestlers. This junior team in very good but a couple of wrestlers stand out and Karan is one of them. He has good technique,” the coach says.

Karan learnt the basics of the sport from his late father Joginder Mor who trained him at the ‘Kakrola Mod’ before sending him to the stadium, Joginder made sure he was equipped with more techniques than other wrestlers of his age. His father’s loss due to a kidney failure made him tougher than before and he knew that he could continue doing what his father loved.

“Those moments change your life completely. I had realised what he wanted from me and even after he was gone, I wanted to wrestle. What the wrestlers learn from the foreign coach at the stadium now, my father had taught me in the second year after I began wrestling. When I reached the stadium, I had a lot more to offer than other and it gave me more confidence,” he says.

Karan has Internationally won two bronze medals at the Cadet level and one more at the junior Asia Championships in Taipei last month.

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“After I lost my father two years back, my uncle took care of me. He owns a gym and whatever he earns from it, he invests in me. It is struggle beyond measure. Every day you know that I have to help my family and the only way is by winning medals so there is no stopping,” he says.

Karan is focusing on the upcoming World Championships in Paris which will be his first at this level. “This is a big tournament for me a stepping stone. I want to win here so people take notice of an upcoming wrestler. I am not under pressure but may be this opportunity never come again,” he says.