It is the month of July and for football fans it means it is the start of the summer transfer window. Teams have begun the process adding new pieces to the puzzle, reinforcing certain areas of their squad and to create a line-up and bench strong enough to absorb the rigors of a long season which will start in the month of August.

However, this season has some changes in ways a club announces its new signings. Tools like WhatsApp chats, Twitter feeds and video games are being used by football teams to break the news of their new arrivals.

The fans have made use of social media to make their feelings known about a certain player’s impending arrival by urging the clubs to quickly make an official announcement. The days of clubs unveiling their newest recruits with just an image on the website with a ‘Welcome’ captain are certainly passe as now they have to up their game even with regards to such announcements.

Liverpool – Mohamed Salah

This season the trend was really started by Liverpool Football Club and the humorous way in which they revealed the transfer of Mohamed Salah from AS Roma.

In the weeks leading up to the announcements, Liverpool fans bombarded their club’s Twitter page imploring them to ‘Announce Salah’. The Merseyside club used a backdrop of those increasingly impatient tweets to announce the arrival of Egyptian winger.