When P.V Sindhu returned from the 2-16 Summer Olympics in Rio winning the silver medal in women’s badminton singles, it was evident that she would become one of the most popular and biggest sports stars in India. Her continued rise in the World Badminton player rankings after her silver medal has made her a sports celebrity in a largely male-dominated sports endorsement market, especially dominated by cricketers.

P.V Sindhu’s endorsement portfolio consists of nine brands ranging from e-commerce, banking, and consumer sector. One of her biggest signings being the unprecedented 8 Crore deal with Bank of Baroda. No female athlete in India had signed a deal of such kind before.

Her endorsement deal with Gatorade is noteworthy because of the fact that it is her first international deal that put’s her in a special category with international sports stars like Usain Bolt and Lionel Messi. Tuhin Mishra of Baseline Ventures, the firm that represents the Indian shuttler, has been instrumental in P.V’s ascent in sports endorsements in India. He has worked with his team to secure the most lucrative deals and in the process has transformed endorsement market in India. Here are some of the features of PV Sindhu’s brand.

Sindhu currently endorses nine brands

The 21-year old at present endorses nine brands in total. In a span of seven days she signed two significant brand endorsement deals. On 20 March, badminton champion P.V. Sindhu was announced brand ambassador for Gatorade, the sports drink from the American beverage and foods company PepsiCo Inc. On 27 March, Panasonic Energy India Co. Ltd also signed a three-year deal with the young player, revealing her as the brand ambassador for Panasonic Batteries.

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Heading into the Rio Olympics, she was with no endorsement deals. However, post Olympics, offers from different brands started lining up for her. She already has brands such as Myntra, Ojasvita, Himalaya Honey, Bank of Baroda and Yonex in her portfolio. By the end of 2016, she had signed six brand endorsement deals to the tune of Rs7.5 crore, according to a report by GroupM ESP.

Gatorade deal – a milestone

Gatorade brought Sindhu as the brand ambassador making her the first Indian athlete to endorse the energy drink. Gatorade unveiled an all new #SweatMore campaign featuring P.V. Sindhu in a digital film that shows the brand’s close partnership with the athlete.

Gatorade India plans to have P.V. Sindhu work with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute during the period of the partnership, to get a better understanding her training and match-day nutrition.

Second biggest sports endorsement brand in the country

Sindhu gets an endorsement fee of up to 12.5 million rupees (about $192,000) per day, according to her agent, a number only topped by Indian Cricket Team captain Virat Kohli.

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She commands a premium of at least 50 percent compared to other female and while Kohli is the undisputed leader in terms of sports celebrity brands in the nation, no other athlete is even in the ballpark of Sindhu in terms of the overall nature of her endorsement deals and things can only get better for her in that regard.