Cricket is called ‘The gentleman’s game’ . But it is also very common to see cricketers loose their cool. There are various reasons for it. Some may just be too much competitive and do not like losing, while some use it just to break concentration of the opponent. Some loose their cool because of collisions while others seem not to be inolved at all. Let us take a look at instances where cricketers lost their cool :

  1. When Sehwag told Shoaib Akhtar “Baap baap hota hai aur beta beta hota hai”:

During a match in World Cup 2003, it was the contest between most destructive and explosive opening duo Sachin Tendulkar-Virender Sehwag and fastest bowler Shoaib Akhtar. Shoaib tried to provoke Sehwag to play hook shot but he gave the strike to Tendulkar. Reaching the non strike, Sehwag told Shoaib to bowl bouncer to the great and he shall show him how hook is played. Tendulkar hit the ball out of boundary by his hook shot. Then enraged Sehwag told Rawalpindi Express “Baap baap hota hai aur beta beeta hota hai.