Roger Federer got used to it. But the congratulatory messages are never ending. When the tennis King clinched his eighth men’s single title at Wimbledon, the long standing sponsors doesn’t took much time to do their part.

Nike and Rolex have released ads spanning 30 and 40sec respectively as a congratulatory message to the Swish.

Nike released an ad RO8ER, where ‘g’ is been replaced to 8 acknowledging his eighth title which is a cute typographical flourish.

Rolex has a contract of USD 15 Million deal with Federer which was renewed in 2012. Rolex was also quick to salute its endorser by releasing the ad-SALUTE TO G.O.A.T- ROLEX TRIBUTES.


Both the sponsors gave tribute to the monumental effort of Federer on the grass. Whereas, the king stays as humble as he is.