Sarra Errani, the former World No. 5 has been banned for two months after the doping test. She was found positive for using the cancer treatment drug letrozole, which can increase the body mass.

In a meeting set up by International Tennis Federation, they accepted her explanation on the fact that she must have accidentally injected the drug into her body which being used by her mother to treat breast cancer through contaminated food.

Though a suspension for few days must have been legit according to her explanation but the 2 months ban seems to be excessive.  Following a hearing last month a suspension was imposed from 3 August and she will be eligible to compete again on 3 October. All her results from the date of her positive out-of-competition test on 16 February until a negative test on 7 June have been annulled.

She will be deprived of all ranking points and prize money accrued in this period as a penalty.

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She wrote on Twitter,”I feel very frustrated but I can only try to stand still and wait for this period to finish. I am extremely disappointed but at the same time at peace with my conscience and aware I haven’t done anything wrong, neither have I committed any negligence against the anti-doping program.”

There is no evidence that this drug enhances a performance of Tennis but action was taken because World Anti-Doping Agency concerns it was being used by bodybuilders.