Yuvraj Singh featured in a TV ad years ago with a tagline “Jab tak balla chal raha hai, thaat hai, jab nahi chalega toh…” which just explained the life of a cricketer in those days. Cricketers usually have a career of around 5-10 years of regular feature in their national team and that too is dependent on various factors like whims and fancies of selectors, a player’s form or even luck. So every cricketer wanted something to fall back on post retirement, but now it’s not just about a cushion to fall back on, it’s cricketers are serious multi-million dollar brands themselves, they are exploring much beyond restaurants. Here are five cricketers who are smart business minds:

 MS Dhoni

Leader on the field and off the field as well. MS Dhoni is arguably the biggest sporting brand in India right now. He owns a bike racing team, 1 franchise each in ISL and HIL being Chennaiyan FC and Ranchi Rhinos respectively. And with the upcoming biopic on him, just adds on to the moolah factor. He also has Gym chains set up and his own brand 7 (Seven) which offers a variety of products. His net worth is estimated to be $ 30M.