Yuki Bhambri entered the third round of the Citi Open in Washington as he defeated World No. 22 defending champion Gael Molfins. With this, the 200th rank, 25 years old Tennis star entered the pre-quarterfinals of the World Tennis Championship.

Molfins was totally stunned by this youngster and his skills as he totally outplayed him in the second round by  6-3, 4-6, 7-5. Bhambri started well in the first set setting Molfins back but the 30 years old French champion made his comeback in the second set.

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Before facing Molfins the Delhi lad said, “It’s a good test. We fight and work to play these kinds of matches and compete against the best, so it’s a good opportunity. He is the defending champion and a class player. I have nothing to lose.”

He has got a lot of ups and downs in his career and injury concerns. “It hasn’t been ideal, yes. It’s difficult to sit on the sidelines, but I am in recovery, working with my coach, with physiotherapists, with medical professionals to help me overcome this, I hope to be back to playing soon.”

He will face Guido Pella of Argentina to proceed to the quarter finals.

“It’s majorly a mental thing as well, that some people understand, yes, but a lot of people should know. When Andy won his Wimbledon title, when Milos Raonic went up to give his speech, they all thanked their entire team. The mental aspect is so important. You need your team behind you, encouraging you, egging you on, keeping your spirits up as you work. That is incredibly important.” he added.