Cricket is a game where everyday new records are made and broken, trends change and superstars evolve. An ever evolving process the game has also seen various new and unique laws being brought in which has revolutionalized the sport which has a following all across the globe.

Here are some of the unique and less known facts about cricket and cricketers which are hardly known to a few.  Check them out.

Martin Guptill is a two-toed cricketer

Martin Guptill lost 3 toes as a 14-year old when a forklift truck drove over his foot. Kiwi legend Stephen Fleming visited him in the hospital and this only added to his steely resolve to play for the New Zealand cricket team. He eclipsed all other batsmen at the recently concluded World Cup when he scored an unbeaten double hundred.

Guptill is the only Kiwi to score a double undred in ODIs. (Getty)