Cricket is known to be a gentleman’s game but sometimes the excitement of winning prompts even the greatest of players to cheat a little. Below are five such incidents which will surprise as you will find some of the world’s finest cricketers cheating.


This post is all about the dropped catches that were claimed but fortunately, we have the Third Umpire. Though some did it unintentionally while others are just fond of doing it. I mean, what were they thinking? The Hawk’s eye gonna catch you anyway.

So, with this let’s read about the 5 instances when these cricketers caught cheating on the ground:

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5. Roger Harper – Michael Beven
During the Carlton United Tri-Series, Australian Michael Beven was cotton bowled by Former Windies Roger Harper, but there was a twist in the pot. Well, it was that the ball actually touched the ground more than it touched Harper’s hands. See in the video below, how Harper dropped then claimed the catch.

And was ultimately Booed by the audience.