Italy’s Fabio Foginini has been fined $96,000 after he passed a sexist remark to an umpire at the US Open at the end of August. The Italian verbally insulted Louise Engzell in his first-round defeat by Stefano Travaglia. Led to this, he was fined $24,000 initially and later suspended from the US Open.

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If he repeats the same offense anytime soon, he will be banned from two Grand Slams. And one of them will be the US Open. However, the authorities even said that if he does not commit another offense in the next two Grand Slam seasons, his punishment will be reduced and his fine will be halved.

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Accepting his fault and expressing remorse for his mistake, Fabio told Italian Sky Sports TV a month ago, “Should (the Grand Slam Board) decide to ban me from the next Australian Open, I will accept the decision, because actions have consequences, and I need to pay for what I did,”

“I am aware of the severity of my mistake, I take full responsibility for it.”