What hurts the most? Falling off from stairs or falling just a run short of Double Century, this actually calls for an argument.

The game of cricket sometimes gets really cruel as some players don’t get what they deserve. Setting feats, reaching milestones, making records is what every cricketer tends to do. The game has seen many aggressive batsmen getting dull when they are playing on 90’s.

That’s only because they want to add that century in their record.  The difference between 99 and 100 matters the most to a batsman and today in this post we’ll know about some unfortunate batsmen who fell 1 run short of not their century but Double Century.

The gap of 199 and 200 doesn’t seem big on the scoreboard but it is everything for a batsman. Even for an in-form player, it can take up to 4 to 5 games to reach in 190’s, so how could he afford to get out on that.

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Every new batsman aspires to add a double century to his stats and falling just a run short of it gives immense pain. Here, check out the cricketers who were heartbroken when they got out on 199 runs.


  1. Ian Bell
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Ian Bell | Cricket Australia

England’s terrific batsman Ian Bell suffered the curse of getting out at 199 back in 2008. Playing a test match against South Africa, Paul Harris caught him a cotton ball near the magical figures.

The English top order batsman kept his calm, raised the bat and went back to the Pavillion. Though the moment was a heartbreaking one for him, he still handled it beautifully. The match then ended in a draw.