Most of you must be familiar with Mia Khalifa. Spending just three months in the adult industry, she managed to rank as the Number 1 performer on Pornhub. Later, became the most searched pornstar in 2016.

Mia Khalifa | Instagram

Though she has now made a complete switch of career and is now hosting a show called ‘Out of Bounds’ with ex-NBA player Gilbert Arenas.

In this post, we will take you through Mia’s journey from being a Top Pornstar to a Sports Talk Show Host.

How it all started for Mia Khalifa?

Though she has stopped working in the adult movies, people still remember her and follow her. Even she doesn’t disappoint them and often post her sizzling pictures via her Instagram handle.

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Mia Khalifa changed her real name from Mia Callista as it sounded way too sacred to work in the adult world. Born in Lebanon, Mia’s moved to the United States in 2000 and made it into pornography in 2014.

However, the story behind how she got this role is more interesting. During her Teenage, she used to work in a fast food chain Whataburger, when a customer saw her and mesmerized by her looks, he offered her to work in the adult industry.

She happily accepted the offer and in only 3 months, she rose from a new-comer to the most popular porn celebrity in the world.

Her family is Catholic but she chose to be an atheist. Lately, she has teamed up with former NBA star Gilbert Arenas to host a sports talk show called ‘Out of bounds’.

Controversies around the Sports World


Controversies became synonymous with her name when she excelled every big adult entertainer to be ranked Number 1 in the porn industry in 2014. Even now, she never misses out to be in the headlines for her controversial behavior.

Trolled an American Football Player

One instance is when she trolled an NFL-wannabe American football player, Chad Kelly who made a move on her via Instagram DM’s, she posted her the screenshot of their conversation throwing much embarrassment on the player, for not just one but three times. Take a look at their chat:

The roasting started in September last year when Mia Khalifa exposed this conversation
Mia Khalifa Twitter
The second time Mia Khalifa exposed their conversations to her 1.4m Twitter followers
Mia Khalifa Twitter
Kicked out of a Baseball Game

Mia hit another controversy when she was kicked out of a baseball game for punching a fan. A video posted by Hooligan Baseball showed Mia being escorted from the Baseball ground when she allegedly punched the fan in the jaw who apparently was shoving a phone in her face to click a selfie.

Virgin Mary-Mia Khalifa

Mia again dazzled her fans by posting an image of her face superimposed onto the body of the Virgin Mary. She was highly criticized for the same.

Twitter | Mia Khalifa
ISIS Threat to Mia Khalifa

She also revealed that ISIS threatened to BEHEAD her in sickening mocked-up execution photos.


Sports Talk Show Host

Mia who is recently hosting a Sports Show ‘Out of Bounds’ with NBA player Gilbert Arenas is very much excited to be a part of it. When asked whom does she look up to in the sports world, she named ex-porn star Lisa Ann. 45-year-old Lisa has claimed to have slept with “hundreds” of athletes and last year, she became a consultant for basketballers who have been blackmailed.

Khalifa’s link up with controversies is never ending as can be seen from the recent incidence which took place between her and her on-camera partner Gilbert Arenas. Ex-Golden State Warriors point guard Gilbert Arenas deceived their fans to believe that Mia tried to slide into his DM’s over several days last month.

Khalifa, 24, has earned a reputation for sharing her direct messages from athletes herself, causing quite the embarrassment for a number of stars. But just when we thought this is a payback to the ex-porn star – which later turned out was nothing but a trick to promote a new YouTube sports series the two will host.