Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 which is meant to highlight the theme Women First, Prosperity for All, focuses on supporting women entrepreneurs are now welcomed with an encouraging message by 3 top athletes of India.

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Zeenews.india/Harsha Bhogle, Sania Mirza, P.Gopichand and Mithali Raj ( From left to right)

The Big names included Sania Mirza, present National Badminton coach Pullela Gopichand, and Cricket biggie Mithali Raj, who sent out their valuable opinion, on the advancement of women players and developing essential infrastructure to promote sports in the country.

Mithali Raj’s application to the Authorities


Present Indian women’s cricket team captain Mithali Raj has been an inspiration since the last decade. At the event this Wednesday, she suggested the authorities to upgrade Indian school’s infrastructure in order to give more and more girls a chance to play.

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She pointed out at the success of Indian team in recent World Cup Tournament after which many girl students started showing interest in pursuing cricket but many obstacles like poor infrastructure come in their way.
“I don’t get to see schools having infrastructure for sports or the school emphasising on sports… they do not have that right kind of channel,” she stated.

The Indian cricket sensation feels the need for a good system in order to get more young girls in this game. Girls in India already have many obstacles in order to get to their dream and improper system and unsupportive authorities add to their struggle.

On a question whether women athletes are tougher, Mithali’s reply was they are because they handle more societal pressures.

Sania Mirza’s opinion on Girls’ interest in Sports / Sania Mirza at GES 2017 Ace tennis player Sania Mirza speaking at a session

Another women star of India, Tennis Ace Sania told that besides boys, even girls have started showing more and more interest in Sports, “When I started playing, we used to play on cow dung courts, there was no hard or clay court… Now, for under 14 or 16 years of age, you get at least 1,000 entries and that shows there is an interest among both girls and guys, but girls, I think, a lot more because of opportunities,” she spoke at the session.

Kidambi Srikanth believes in the betterment of Indian Badminton

Replying to a question about the ways to get more women to play sports, Sania said media can play a crucial role by encouraging women sportspersons.

Pullela Gopichand’s valuable advice and knowledgeable answers

Credits: The Better India

Coach Gopichand however, put forth the view that more and more people are going towards the organized sports and the unorganized ones are not getting much attention.

Answering few questions about sports in our country he emphasized on the urge to identify local talent,  “We need to celebrate our local players. Sports diplomacy, sports entrepreneurs, sports physiotherapists, sports administration, all of them need to be looked at. We need to celebrate sports by itself,” he suggested, making the point that “sports needs to be played, it is beyond winning”.

Hope their suggestions and opinion reach somewhere and the govt works in the direction of infrastructure development and sports advancement for potential sportswomen in our country.