Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann who was the top scorer and Player of the Tournament at UEFA Euro 2016 has put himself into big trouble with a Tweet.

Out of nowhere, the 26-year-old uploaded a photo of himself via his Twitter handle. The photo sees him in Basketball jersey, everything was normal in it except the fact that he has painted himself in black color upside down. The picture received an unwelcoming response from the fans and media as they backlashed him via infuriated Tweets.

He captioned the picture “80’s Party”, have a look at it:

The Tweet was later deleted | Antoine Griezmann (Twitter)

The picture was deleted one hour after the French Striker discovered that his Tweet has enraged the fans.

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The Frenchman was hoping to make a funny impression on his fans, little did he know that his photo in the painted black skin is going to backfire. Global Football writer Rob Harris Tweeted his Instagram and Twitter posts :

Realizing his mistake, Griezman apologized to his fans via a Tweet in which he wrote, “Calm down guys, I am a Harlem Globetrotters fan … it’s a tribute.” and had to delete it later as well. Finally, he came up with a much decent apology saying, “I agree that it’s awkward for me. If I hurt some people excuse me.”

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This doesn’t stop the fans from bashing out him on his actions as they kept on sending him furious tweets as some mentioned that he could have done this just with the costume and wig. But, there was no point in painting himself back just to be funny.