Cricket is not a game, it’s a religion here in India. It is not easy to become a professional cricketer in today’s time as the competition is really tough. Many children aspire to play for India but only a few really get a chance.

However, it is a myth that if you want to play professional cricket, you have to sacrifice your studies. Yes, this is what our today’s topic’s all about. In this post, we will talk about some cricketers who achieved heights in cricket and besides that, are well educated.


They broke the stereotypes, focused on their studies alongside cricket which proves that if you have that will you are going to make it. Studies can never be an obstacle, it always helps in improving your personality as a whole. What if you score a hundred and can’t speak during the interview session. People would troll you out! Though that’s not a big deal,the problem lies when you fail in the mid way of your cricketing journey. Neither cricket with nor your education. So, it’s always safe to have good education.

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School is the best teacher in a student’s life. It is intriguing for us to ponder on what these cricketers have by way of academic qualification. you will be surprised to know that some of them hold degrees in Engineering, some in Medicine, others in Commerce, Business Administration, etc.

Check out this list of your favorite cricketers who are well-educated:

Anil Kumble – Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering


The former head coach of the Indian cricket team, Anil Kumble who made it to the ICC’s Hall of Fame list in 2015 was a bright student back in school time.

Born in 1970 at Bengaluru, Kumble was a proficient bowler, even the lone cricketer from India and the second in the world to take 10 wickets in a single inning of a Test match. His cricketing career lasted from 1990 to 2008.


Talking about his educational qualifications, Kumble has done his pre-university college education from National College Basavanagudi. Kumble then went on to higher studies and completed his graduation with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Rashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering.