Modern cricket demands some crackling shots, big hitting, and slogging. However, this wasn’t the case some years back when Cricket was all about good timing and genuine shots.

Although the T20 cricket requires for some destructive hitting, the perfect cover drives, square cuts will still remain a delight for everyone to watch. Driving the ball straight to the boundary by hitting a cover drive is what the fans can cherish forever.

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The cover drive is considered to be most pleasing shot in cricket as it involves both hand and eye coordination. Besides that, it involves some good footwork, not everyone has the elegance to play a beautiful cover drive.

In today’s time, Virat Kohli is the player who is known to play a classy cover drive and that too with style and perfection. Nothing is better than a perfect cover drive for a passionate cricket fan to watch.

Check out the 5 Legendary Batsmen whose Cover Drives are to cherish forever:

5. Kumar Sangakkara

Image credits: ESPNcricinfo
Image credits: ESPNcricinfo

The former Sri-Lankan skipper Kumar Sangakkara is one of the most elegant cover driver players in the game of cricket. Throughout his illustrious career, the Southpaw has played his best shots against some best bowlers in the World.

Sangakkara’s cover drives were always a delight to watch for every cricket fan. They all were perfectly placed and brilliantly timed. And, undoubtedly, one can refer it as the best shot delivered by the Sri-Lankan Maestro.

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The placement of front foot which is considered to be the main element of a cover drive is what he mastered in.

His career runs and achievements certainly prove how good was he with his bat. Here you can have a look at the magic created by the Sri Lankan with his bat in the video below: