Looks like the witty Malayalis have done it once again. The whole football world is excited over Philippe Coutinho transfer from Liverpool FC to Barcelona.

Barcelona has signed a €142 million deal with the Brazilian midfielder and is celebrating his welcoming into the team by daily tweets and facebook posts. However, their yesterday’s video captioned, “New club, new pals for @Phil_Coutinho!” has found wide attention from South India.

The South Indian fans are going bonkers over the video as they felt a religious connect with Barca’s video. Fans started trolling Barca’s video when they realized that the first few seconds of the soundtrack in the video is the famous Ayyappa chant,  “Swamiye Ayyappo, Ayyappo Swamiye”

The video features an unusual background music and was quickly spotted by the Football followers on the internet. Well, if you don’t believe it, hear it in the video below:

The moments it came to attention, the comment box was flooded with funny replies with one calling Barca’s twitter handler an Indian while some photoshopped Coutinho with actor who enacted Lord Ayyappa in a TV Series. But before checking out those funny reactions, let’s listen to the original chant that is allegedly being used in Barca’s Twitter post:

Now let’s just see some funny reply by Indian Barca fans: