Yesterday, a bizarre accident took place on Delhi-Haryana Border in which five national-level powerlifters, including an international-level powerlifter, were killed and one person was injured.

All 6 of them were traveling via the Delhi-Haryana border while they met with the accident. Among the seriously injured players was the world champion, Saksham Yadav who bagged the title for India in Moscow last year. However, he lost his final fight to death this morning.

India Today

The six athletes were going from Delhi to Panipat in a Swift Dzire compact sedan when they met with the accident at 4 am near Alipur village, close to the Singhu border between Delhi and Haryana. It was Rohit’s (who is seriously injured) birthday and the friends were out celebrating, the police said.

The clear reason police could identify for this accident was that there were some bottles around and there is some possibility that they were rash driving after drinking. The official added that the driver was speeding despite dense fog in the area.

The force of the impact was so strong that the car rolled over several times and the car’s shed got completely ripped before it banged in the electricity pole, police said.

Other players who have died in the incidence are identified by their first names as Tikamchand, Saurabh and Yogesh, and Harish Roy, a 20-year-old student.

And as reported this morning, the athlete, Saksham Yadav, 28, who was admitted in an “extremely critical” condition at the AIIMS Trauma Centre has died of cardiac arrest today morning.

He had sustained grievous head injuries and severe internal bleeding. He was being attended by a team of doctors, the doctor said. “He died at 6.38 of cardiac arrest,” a senior doctor at the trauma center said.