FC Nantes’ Deigo Carlos was shown red card after being kicked by the referee due to a misunderstanding between them on the field. In a recent encounter of Ligue 1 between Paris Saint Germain and FC Nantes, Ligue 1 referee Tony Chapron appeared to an accidental collision with Diego Carlos.


The referee consequently fell on the ground after getting the push and as it appeared to him, Carlos did it on purpose. Although Carlos seemed to do so harmlessly, Chapron lost his cool on the incidence and proceed to kick the Nantes player and showed him another yellow card.

Carlos who didn’t do any wrong pleaded the referee on his innocence but was anyhow punished by the official with a red card.

However, the Brazilian Carlos’ red card has been reversed after referee Tony Chapron has apologized for his act of sending off the Nantes defender against Paris Saint-Germain. On the other hand, referee Tony Chapron was suspended and face consequences after hearing.

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His services are on hold “until further notice”, starting from his Ligue 1 match on Wednesday. Carlos is all clear to play against Toulouse in the next game as the allegations against him were released after Chapron apology.


The London Free Press stated, “The LFP disciplinary commission received early this afternoon Tony Chapron’s report concerning the match between FC Nantes and Paris St Germain.

“After reading the report, in which Tony Chapron confirmed having reviewed the incident that Diego Carlos did not intentionally make contact with him, the commission decided to overturn the second yellow card shown to the player.

“As a result, Diego Carlos is available to line up against Toulouse on Wednesday.”