India is a country where we launch Satellites after doing Pooja. No Field is different from the beliefs. Well, Beliefs and Faith is nothing wrong. Sports too filled with prayers, beliefs and faiths. When it comes to Jersey Numbers Cricketers choose the best Numbers they want. Where some goes for Numerology others go for some Emotional Connect to the Numbers.

The Numbers behind the Jersey started getting popular after the World Cup of 1999. The Captain used to wear the Jersey Number 1 and the rest of the Team chooses the Number between 2-15. An exception comes when Hansie Cronje started to play the match with Jersey No. 5 and Gary Kirsten to play with Jersey No. 1.

The 1995-96 World Cup Series in Australia saw the begining of Jersey with the Player Name and Number Behind them. Soon or later, Players decided to choose numbers of their choice, you could see Legends like Ponting wore 14, Shane Warne comes up with 23, The Master Blaster with the Jersey 10 and Chris Gayle 333, in the memory of the highest Test score he made.

Now, Let’s Check out Some of Indian Cricket Jersey Numbers. It’s not just Random Numbers they all have a Story to tell you.

No. 25 – Shikhar Dhawan

The Explosive Opener of Indian Cricket Team has kept Number 25 as his Jersey Number. Now this becomes his favorite number for a reason.

Dhawan’s family considers 25 as their lucky number. When his daughter born on the same date 25, more sweetness added to the number 25.