Having made his IPL debut in 2013 and playing for Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Lions, Andrew Tye will be plying his trade for Kings XI Punjab this year.

In an exclusive chat with SportStar, Tye said that he is excited to bowl Chris Gayle at the nets. “Quite expecting to go for; it took me a bit by surprise. I was thinking I’ll probably get 3-4 Crore if at all,” Tye told Sportstar.

“I was elated to be picked up and heading back to India to play in the IPL again – it’s such an amazing tournament,” he said.

Asked if the hefty price tag will bring added pressure, he said, “I’ll operate the same way. You always try and do the best for your team; doesn’t matter how much you get paid,” before adding, “The club is paying me that money because they really wanted me because I’ll fit in well in their team.”

“I’m a lot more relaxed with my game now, more confident with what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. I’ve put a lot of hours in practice”. 

Speaking more on his excitement for bowling to Gayle at the nets Tye said   “It’ll be an awesome experience,” he exclaimed, before adding, “He (Gayle) has been the boss of T20 cricket for so long, it is fun and also scary at times bowling to the likes of him in the nets because they hit the ball very hard and you try not to get hit by it (laughs).It’s a true test of how well you’re bowling and how you’re able to control the ball for there’s not a lot of margin for error with these guys.”



By Anshuman Roy