Earlier Virat Kohli’s words “Shaam tak khelengey to inki g**** fatt jaegi”, now MS Dhoni magical words “Oyee.. Bho***** idhar dekh lae. udhar kya dekh raha hai..” has become the talk of the nation.

It’s rarely we see the cool Dhoni losing his coolness on someone and Manish Pandey was the victim of Dhoni’s harshness. The stump mic caught Dhoni abusing Manish Pandey for not paying attention to him. The epic quote of MS Dhoni is currently the top trending pun on the internet and every troll page is actively adding their humorous modification to it.

Dhoni’s Funny Full Split Meme going viral on the internet

Some have made Dhoni an Ophthalmologist while some have embedded it to ‘some famous quotes by Indian cricketers’. Today, in this post, we will serve you a compilation of those humorous trolls made by cricket lovers around the nation that are currently trending on the social media. But before that, let’s take a look at what our beloved Mahi has actually said:

MS Dhoni abusing was definitely a rare sight and the social media went crazy the moment they saw the video. See how the social media trolled Mahi’s abuse, I bet you will die laughing after seeing these:


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Want some more?








And the Final One…


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