India is a secular country, alongside various religious, we have one more religion which everyone follows and that is the obsession of our Nation, it goes by the name ‘Cricket’.

We all know how much we love cricket and what it means to us. The same thing goes for our cricketers. No country can respect it’s players like we do here in our country. We idolize them as role models, god-like figures, and even superheroes.

So on that note, it’s totally worth to see if we fantasize cricketers as superheroes then which cricketer will be which superhero. Seeing our list, if not till now, you will start fantasizing these cricketers as that particular superhero whenever you will see their movie.

Feel free to give your opinions in the comment section below:

#1 THOR – MS Dhoni

The captain cool, the best leader of all times. Just like Thor leads the Avenger squad and wins every war with strategy and mind, MSD is also the master of winning tournaments midst of immense pressure and get the team through tough situations.

Both Thor and MSD are the masters to take the best out of their teammates. This is why it’s best to fantasize MSD in the Thor costume. Moreover, just like Thor has hammer, MSD has the power to pull out the Helicopter Shot from the Bat. Feeling Nostalgic about the World Cup final?