The term match-fixing has become a common term in sports with the increase of commercialization to the games. The results are unpredictable that they can flip within just two balls or two overs in the case of cricket. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the match is fixed or the player is dishonest.

Midst of all the confusion, we have brought to you 5 instances from cricket world which can hint for match-fixing or are just mere coincidences, you get the freedom to decide it. This post doesn’t aim to change your mindset about cricket or to offend any cricket lover. We are just taking your opinion on these suspicious incidents in cricket.

So, let’s start our list with this intentionally dropped catch or unfortunately missed one…

#1 Salman Butt’s Dropped Catch

The first incident on our list features Pakistan’s former Test team captain Salman Butt who was jailed in Britain for spot-fixing in 2011.

Here in the video, you will see Pakistani opener batsman Salman Butt dropping an easy catch at the silly. During a test match encounter between New Zealand and Pakistan, Butt dropped New Zealand batsman Daniel Flynn which seemed pretty suspicious.

A huge inside edge off Flynn’s bat then touched his pad and went straight into the hands of Butt, however, it seemed like, they weren’t told to dismiss Flynn so early in that match. So, Salman ‘mistakenly’ or intentionally drops him. Well, you decide: