Cricketers are mostly generous towards other players and are rarely seen losing their temper on the ground. However, in a recent India-South Africa cricket match, we have seen our beloved Captain Cool too losing his cool on teammate Manish Pandey.

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On that note, we would like to put forth some real bad-ass cricketers that have been part of the game so far. It’s not mere Sledging in a game, it’s their attitude that makes them up here in the list. From offensive sledging to slapping fellow cricketers, these cricketers have done them all. So, let’s just not waste any time and take a look at the Top Bad Ass Cricketers whom you can never forget:

1) Ian Botham

Ian Botham relaxes in his bathtub / Getty Images

Former English cricket team captain, Sir Ian Botham is one of the cricketers who was quite popular for his display of bad behavior apart from his batting records.

One of the finest allrounders of all time, Ian Botham was certainly a controversial player and his controversies didn’t limit the cricket ground only.  If we see his numbers, he has a brilliant career in cricket but besides that, he is still remembered for his fight with Imran Khan and Ian Chappel on the cricket field.


Botham was known for easily losing his temper on multiple occasions like it was the case with his brawl with former Australian captain Ian Chappel. The reason behind it was that he overheard Chappell boasting of his country’s superiority over England in a bar.

Once, Botham’s remark on Pakistan as “the kind of place to send your mother-in-law for a month, all expenses paid” after returning home early from a tour of Pakistan for surgery in 1984 enraged the Pakistan authorities.

Cannabis Ban, resignation as England captain were some other black spots of his career which ultimately makes him a big bad-ass of the cricketing world.

It’s hard to find a video of Botham’s fight as most of them happened off-field but you can catch a glimpse of his arrogance in the video below: