The Almighty Wicket keeper-batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni is already tagged as one of the most successful Indian cricket team skippers of all times. To back his worth as the most successful captain, we may put forth the fact that Dhoni is the only captain to win all three ICC limited-overs trophies (World Cup, Champions Trophy, and the World Twenty20).

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No one other than him has been able to do this till date. But, how all of a sudden we get curious about his 1000 dismissals. Well, as a skipper, he has countless achievements in his name, however, his records as an individual batsman are questioned multiple times. Some raise question over his fitness, some criticized his performance in the shortest format of the game now, and some on his technicalities. Well, the most natural cricketer shut all the questions with his successful career. Even in the midst of all the trouble, he managed to remains fans favorite and they still expect a lot from this cricketing legend.

We are not hoping MSD to retire from Indian cricket until 2019 World Cup and before that, we may get to see many record-breaking performances from Mahi. Especially when he’s behind the wickets, we all know about his lightning stumping and flying catches that he takes as Wicket keeper which contributes to his career dismissals as a wicketkeeper (Combined in Test, ODI, and T20I ) which is 776 at the moment.

So, what makes us curious to know ‘How far MS Dhoni is from 1000 dismissals as a Wicketkeeper?’, well, a Quora user raised this question and got a beautiful answer from another Quora user which we would like to present in front of you.

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So, with that, let’s know ‘How far MAHI is from the feat of achieving 1000 dismissals as a Wicketkeeper and can he reach that figure in his career?’ as explained by a cricket enthusiast on Quora:

The user answered the question in a mathematical way if we see the current stats of Most Career Dismissals as a Wicket keeper, we will get to know the following stats:

As of now, South Africa’s former Wicket keeper-batsman is leading the game. Though he retired from cricket, his figure of 998 dismissals is still at the top and to be at that position, Mahi certainly needs to touch the 1000 figure or could just rest at 999.

However, can he do it? Let’s know about the chances according to the calculations done below:

Dhoni current stats –

Tests – 294 dismissals in 90 matches. Dismissals per match – ~3.27

ODI’s – 404 dismissals in 318 matches. Dismissals per match – ~1.27

T20’s – 78 dismissals in 88 matches. Dismissals per match – ~0.89

The above calculation was presented by the Quora user in his answer. He smartly used his calculations of Dhoni’s per match dismissal into his likely dismissals before he retires. If we go to the media reports, Dhoni most probably call it off from every format of the game after the World Cup 2019. Though we don’t him to retire, that’s whole another thing.

So as far as the team India’s schedule is considered for 2018-19. He is left with around:

  1. T20’s – 26/27 matches – Likely dismissals @ 0.89 – 24
  2. ODI’s – 30 matches – Likely Dismissals @ 1.27 – 38
  3. Tests – As we all know MS Dhoni has retired from Tests. Can someone please bring him back?
  4. Fast Forward to the 2019 Word Cup. As per the format, all 10 teams will play each other once. Basically, each team gets to play 9 matches. Top 4 will advance to the Semis and then subsequently top 2 to the final. Let’s assume India reaches the final (This time for MS Dhoni). Therefore, 11 more games @ 1.27 – 14

The user then calculated the total dismissals which MSD could get in the coming span of time is, 24 + 38 + 14 = 76.

Even if we apply the best case scenario in this situation that the average will be much better in the future and add 20% more dismissals per match. Therefore, 76 * 1.2 = 91 dismissals. Hey, that’s the score MSD made in the 2011 World Cup. Ahh. Maths + Cricket = Magic. 

He then summed up Mahi’s potential dismissal in the upcoming matches which is in fact, really hard to get but in case, if he gets it, his career dismissal figure as a wicketkeeper would rest at 776 currently + 91 prospective = 867 dismissals.

So, even the best case scenario shows that Dhoni has minimal chances of reaching the four-digit figure in total career dismissals.

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So, summarizing in a disheartened way, our beloved Indian cricketer has a bleak chance to break Boucher’s 998 career dismissals record and not just that, his chances of getting near Gilchrist’s figure of 905 dismissals are very few.


I wish he didn’t take retirement from Test cricket, that way, he would have had more chances to get near that figure.

Also, I wonder if he chose to play even till the 2023 World Cup, he certainly can break the record of 998 dismissals.

However, not to cry about the fact that he might not achieve the glorious figure of 1000 dismissals, he still has the most career stumpings in his side, 174 till date which is second to none.