Mohd Shami and Hasin Jahan
Mohd Shami and Hasin Jahan

Mohd Shami, star India pacer has demanded high level investigation by authorities into the adultery accusations leveled upon him by his wife Hasin Jahan. Shami also admitted that his relationship with his wife was over and there was no scope of reconciliation between them.

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Hasin Jahan, who married Shami in June of 2014, has leveled accusations of domestic violence on Shami and charges of rape on his brother. She has also claimed that he took money from a Pakistani woman named Alishba.

“My request to the BCCI, or the anti-corruption unit, or the local police or any committee would be to take is seriously, there are many lives at stake here. I want it to be properly investigated,” Shami told India Today.

“As far as it is about my family and my household, for my wife and my daughter, I have done everything to save it. If say I had even only one per cent chance to save it, I tried. But now Hasin herself has said in her interview that she wants to settle this in court. I don’t think any hope is left. I have made all family members talk (to her). Such things prove she does not even have that one per cent,” he continued.

“I kept saying it all along, even in my interviews that I was trying hard. I felt if I could do anything, or even bow my head down which could help me save my house, I wouldn’t take a step back. But that hope is over now,” he added.

Mohd Shami also clarified his side of things on the allegations of domestic violence on him and rape allegations on his brother.

Mohd Shami and Hasin Jahan
Mohd Shami and Hasin Jahan

Shami said, “I have all proofs and details of December 7. We played a Test against Sri Lanka here (in New Delhi). The game ended on 6th following which we had Bhuvi’s reception (Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s marriage reception) here. On the morning of 7th — I have record of a credit card swipe — we checked out at 10:00am. She had attended the reception on the previous day.”

“She was there when we checked out. BCCI has the information of providing a cab for me at 10:00am. It took 4-5 hours to get home, where we reached around 3:30pm. I dropped her and our luggage at home and headed out straight to the farm house. I was wearing a sleeveless jacket; I was coughing, I was unwell. It was a bit cold too,” he added.

“I returned from the farm house with my brother, who immediately leaves for his home in Muradabad and I stayed in my village. If this is a rape case, the person has to be there, no? If the person is not there then this isn’t a rape case. You can check his location,” Shami claimed.

Mohd Shami was bought by Delhi Daredevils for the IPL 2018; however, his participation remains uncertain. Also BCCI has withheld his annual contract and has been asked by the CoA to investigate the matter.

By Jatin Sharma