Every Class Room has quite a similar scenario. Some intelligent students, some failures, some hard-working yet unsuccessful students, the typical classroom has all of them, so combining all those ideas if a classroom of Indian Premier League is formed, what would it be like?

Which team would be the hard-workers, which would be the cool yet successful kid, which would be the Richie-rich kid of the school(IPL)? No wonder, we have compiled all of them to form these hilarious results, showing the kind of student that IPL team would be.

So, let’s take a look at our assumptions of IPL teams as a school kid and see the kind of classroom scenario it would create:

  1. Chennai Super Kings

CSK is a boy/girl who just manages to pass in all exams say with grace marks but comes first in the Final Exam. He was also suspended for some time because of his naughty behavior.

CSK is a smart kid in the classroom and no doubt, every classroom has such a kid who studies silently and keeps his friends in a deception that he will fail. If you have such a friend then make sure to relate him with CSK.

CSK team, IPL 2018

2. Delhi Daredevils

DD is a studious boy/girl who studies 95% of the syllabus. Unfortunately, the final exam question paper comes mostly from the remaining 5%.

A typical student of a typical classroom, who gives his best to cover most of the syllabus and even manages to cover most of it. Leaving rest thinking it’s not necessary, but finds out those questions to come as the most important ones in the final exam. Make sure to address your such friend as DD next time.

Delhi Daredevils Team IPL 2016

3. Kolkata Knight Riders

KKR is a boy/girl who spends a lot of money in buying costly books but studies less.

The new class enthusiast. Every time he passes the final exams gets so excited for the next session that he buys costly books but fails because he didn’t study enough. We all have that rich friend who buys brand new books rather than adjusting to the second hands, new school bag, new water bottle, new stationary for every new class but misses out that one thing, i.e. Study.

KKR IPL 2010