Sanjay Manjrekar pic credit Mid Day
Sanjay Manjrekar pic credit Mid Day

Sanjay Manjrekar, the former Indian Test Cricketer, has come out and stated that its India’s bowling that makes him more optimistic than its batting in overseas conditions and that India’s don’t have batsmen to support the might of Virat Kohli.

Sanjay was quoted saying to India Today that, “These days Indian batting tends to get exposed a little bit. Earlier it was the bowling. Now India’s pace and seam attack is good. In batting, India don’t have a batsman to help Virat Kohli, overseas”

“Earlier we had Vijay, Dhawan, Rahane, and Pujara but India currently tends to struggle overseas apart from Virat. Others have fallen away a bit. That’s a weakness,” 

Manjrekar has a point, again, if India’s Test series in South Africa is anything to go by. Murli Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, and Rohit Sharma all struggled there against the moving ball, while Ajinkya Rahane who has the game for all conditions has gone off the boil a bit with his game. The Indian batting seems heavily dependant on Virat Kohli.

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Virat himself struggled in England last night, but Manjrekar doesn’t see a repeat of it at all. He said, “The last series failure from Virat in England was shocking for me because I think there is some logic in cricket. That was illogical. He is one of our special players of this generation like Tendulkar was. If Virat fails again I will stop analyzing. I don’t think England is such a strong team. I think Virat will get runs easily and what happened last time won’t be repeated,” 

“If you look at South African wickets, the pitches were a bit similar to England. Last time India went to South Africa, it was only pace and bounce. This time there was movement and Virat was successful. There was a difference between him and other batsmen. So if the ball moves in England he will handle it well. Anderson and Broad are also three years older now so there is limited chance to fail again,” 

Sanjay one of the voices you want to hear in Indian Cricket concluded by saying, “If Indian batting clicks, India will win the series. Temperamentally India is a better team than England,” 

By Kashish Chadha