As we know the points table of Indian Premier League is currently in quite a complicated situation.

Points Table up to Match Number 51

With Kolkata Knight Riders being the only team who has brighter chances to reach up to 16 points rest all the teams are fighting for the Net Run Rate. But what is the Net Run Rate?

This is a question even most cricket experts find hard to answer but don’t you worry we will precisely answer your question today. In today’s post, we would give you a wider look at the Net Run Rate and how it is calculated.

But before that, let’s see where the teams are heading in the points table.

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Contenders of 14 points

Delhi, often spotted at the bottom is once again eliminated from the tournament and will just be a hurdle in the way of Mumbai Indians to reach the playoffs. KXIP which seemed pretty strong in the first few weeks of the tournament has lived up to its reputation and has once again touched the lows. But, even they have a chance to get to 14 points.

The second contender of 14 points is Rajasthan Royals, the match between RCB and RR will decide which among both of these team will qualify. Mumbai Indians will fight their last battle against Delhi Daredevils. KKR who is currently on a safer side will face SRH to seize their spot in the playoffs.

So, narrowing down our contenders for 14 points are:

Rajasthan Royals

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Mumbai Indians

Kings XI Punjab

Suppose, we are in a situation when Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore (I prefer), and Kings XI Punjab all rest at 14 points. The road to playoffs will now be decided with the Net Run Rate.

Enough with acting pricey, now let’s know how the Net Run Rate is actually calculated so you can brag about it in front of your friends and before the final results, you can tell which two teams are we going to see in the PlayOff.

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Calculation of Net Run Rate in the Indian Premier League!

I will try to break down the concept of Net Run Rate as simple as I can for you. So, the first thing we need for Net Run Rate is a match and a team. Let’s take Royal Challengers Bangalore(Fan Boy) in this season of Indian Premier.

The formula for calculating NRR is pretty simple but comes with some complications. Net Run Rate is calculated by ‘deducting the Average Runs per Over scored against the team throughout the competition from the Average Runs per Overs scored by that team throughout the competition’.

(Average Runs per Over Scored – Average Runs per Over Conceded)

Pretty Simple, Right? But wait there are some complications. What if the opponent team chased a score against that team in like 15 overs or they clear up the opponent before 20 overs. What happens in such situation? Let’s know below:

Average Runs per Over Scored = The Number of Total Runs Scored/The Number of Total Overs Faced

Average Runs per Over Conceived = The Number of Total Runs Conceded/The Number of Total Overs Bowled


  • If either of the team is all out within the stipulated 20 overs, then the overs considered for NRR calculation is 20 itself and not the actual overs played.


  • If either of the team chases down a target before 20 overs, then the actual overs played is considered for NRR calculation.

So I have Jot down the numbers needed in calculating the NRR of RCB in this excel sheet, have a look:

Courtesy: Hard Work Data up to Match Number 51

In RCB’s case, they have bowled out opponents twice in this tournament so their overs have changed to 20, both in this case is Kings XI Punjab. However, in cases when RCB has chased before 20 overs, the actual overs are considered for the calculation.

Well, now you can confidently explain the Net Run Rate to anyone. Make sure to share this post with your another cricket frenzy friend.