Virat Kohli's leaked CCTV footage | Screengrab
Virat Kohli’s leaked CCTV footage | Screengrab

Virat Kohli’s love for his beard is well known to his fans. The Indian skipper has often said at various events that he doesn’t wish to join the ‘break the beard’ trend and is very much happy and comfortable with his facial hair. Even his wife, Anushka Sharma once commented on an Instagram post asking him to refrain from shaving off his beard.

To be fair to Virat, the beard does suit him well and he can be held responsible for making the beard a popular trend among youth in India. Most of the current Indian team members have been sporting beards of various shapes and sizes.

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However, if you believe some of the reports doing the rounds on social media, Virat might be getting his beard ‘insured’. Yes, you read that right. We cannot confirm at this time whether the rumours are true, but his Indian team mate KL Rahul certainly saw the funny sight of the whole situation as he tweeted the video where Virat can be seen with couple of persons who are taking close-up photographs of his beard.

Here is KL Rahul’s tweet which also shows the ‘leaked CCTV footage’:

By Saurabh Malhotra