We often get embarrassed by our old pictures, especially when a Facebook memory pops up on our timeline. I believe Facebook has added this feature just to show people how stupid they were some years ago.

However, it’s not just who avoid looking back at awkward moments from the past even the present Indian cricket legend Virat Kohli will feel the same after seeing this embarrassing interview he did during his initial cricketing days.

The interview you’ll be seeing in today’s post was hosted by MTV anchor Anusha Dandekar in a Private Party and I bet you will hear the most non-Virat talks in this. From calling one of his dates “ugly” to saying “I don’t fight”, you will be listening to some things which you could never expect from him.

But, he ain’t worthy of any criticism for it, he was being totally honest. Believe me, many things have changed through his journey from debut to India’s skipper, one thing remained constant, his straightforward attitude. That’s what makes him better than the rest.

The questions Anushka asked Virat was like ‘the quickest meal, the quickest bath he ever took’, she even teased him with the second question.

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The third question was the amazing one when she asked him about the quickest date he has ever had. Virat replied ‘5 minutes’. And you need to know the reason for that in the video below.

This interview is from Virat’s early days when he became a rising face in the cricket world. No wonder his success has skyrocketed since then but you will be surprised to hear about some other interesting gossips that the Indian heartthrob revealed.

Now, let’s just not waste any more time and see the interview which could embarrass Virat big time:

If this wasn’t enough dose of entertainment for you then here check out some amusing comments that people left below the video:

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