The legendary tag in cricket is earned and not every Indian cricketer in the past has been worthy enough to get it. Although the list of legendary cricketers that India has ever produced is quite big, we still have some names in the count. From the legendary Kapil Dev to the kingly Virat Kohli, Indian cricket team has been blessed with some exceptional talents.

Though legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev has taken rest from the game, some players like MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli are still in the game and they undeniably deserve the legendary tag. A legend is not just made on the cricket field but it’s the struggle through which he made himself of such repute. Consider Kapil Dev or MS Dhoni journey of coming from small towns to give India their World Cup wins, and take inspiration from Virat Kohli who scored a century in a match on the day he lost his father.

Their hard work and exceptional talent are what makes them worthy of the ‘legendary’ tag and as this legacy continues to prosper, India is witnessing a handful of such cricketers who are worthy of this tag.

So here, have a look at the compilation of 5 young Indian cricketers who have the potential of getting the ‘Legendary’ tag:

#1 Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya – Indian Batsman All-rounder/Getty Images

As it seems, India’s never-ending quest of a perfect all-rounder in all formats of the game is finally coming to an end with Hardik Pandya.

Despite much criticism, he manages to excel in every format, as in the ongoing test series against England, the young Indian cricketer picked up a 5 wicket haul and didn’t disappoint the selector even with his bat.

Hardik Pandya has earned good repute in a very small team, be it from his IPL performances or contribution in the Indian team. This man has the heroics to make headlines both with the bat and ball. Also, with his constant ability to pick crucial wickets and bat at no. 6 or 7 in any format, he has become a permanent member of the side.

No wonder, this cricketer holds the potential to be called a legend in sometime soon.