Cricket being the second most popular sport of the world is also quite beneficial on the commercial terms. No wonder, the players who take part in this sport are paid such high remuneration for their services. Our today’s post covers the same topic, it is about the International team captains and how much they are paid for their services.

With the increasing popularity of cricket and more than 2 billion global spectators, the game of cricket is brought more and more revenue for the board and players with each passing day. Crores which was like a prestige term a few decades back is now commonly associated with the modern generation cricketers. The cricketers’ earnings are not limited just to the salaries they are given by the board now they have stretched their arms even to the endorsement.

And also many athletic brands are craving to sign these megastars as they bring in major popularity for their brand. Especially when it comes to the Indian cricketers, a major chunk of their net worth is derived from these endorsements than their board salaries.

However, it would still be interesting to know how much each board is paying their International skipper for their services. So, have a look:

#1 Virat Kohli – 58.3 Lakh per month

India Captain Virat Kohli/Getty Images

The Indian skipper, Virat Kohli who is leading the Indian team in all three formats of cricket is getting a monthly salary of around Rs. 58.3 lakh for his services. Virat is worthy of his captaincy spot and of being paid such a high remuneration as his captaincy has seen the immense success of Indian cricket team in test format, also he himself has emerged as one of the top batsmen of the world.

He became the captain of the Indian across all formats of the game in January 2017. And falling under the A+ category of the recently announced BCCI salary contract, Virat is getting a hefty sum of Rs. 7 crores per annum i.e. Rs 58.3 lakh per month.