Mayanti Langer | Instagram
Mayanti Langer | Instagram

Sports presenter Mayanti Langer has got a good fan following on social media. She has worked in cricket broadcasting in many major tournaments and has been a familiar face for sports fans.

While there is no doubt that fans have enjoyed Mayanti’s pre and post-match shows, she has also been criticized for her looks and attire. Mayanti often becomes a topic of troll on social media for bizarre reasons.

Recently, the sports presenter revealed how she dealt with the comments made on her physical appearance.

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“I don’t think it [body shamming] was that significant till last year’s ICC Champions Trophy. So, I got trolled badly for my lungi skirt. It was hilarious because I myself was laughing at the memes. Yes, I became a meme,” Mayanti told Shibani Dandekar on an episode of Miss Field.

She also talked about an article penned by a woman that commented on her wardrobe.

“There was an article written about me, about wearing 5-inches heels and wearing skirts and wearing sleeveless and wearing this and why can’t I wear Indian clothes and why can’t I wear pants and suits and I’m like what’s your problem if I want to wear 5-inches heels? Because I’m comfortable in them. No one has forced me to wear them and that is my choice. And I just felt that – this is the biggest problem! I was like the guys are just going to comment on the length of the skirt because they have nothing better to do. The woman is analysing ‘why is she wearing 5-inch, isn’t this more practical,” Mayanti stated.

“So this IPL, I did everything, we wore pants, we wore suits, we wore blazers, we wore mini-skirts, we wore dresses, we wore every single thing and it didn’t make a difference,” she continued.

Here’s the video:

By Salman Anjum