Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has riled a nest of hornets with his sarcastic comment to an internet troll. On his birthday, November 5, Virat launched his official app and during the launch, a segment was shown in which he read and responded to mean comments from cricket lovers, his fans and other people on social media.

A fan’s comment targeted Indian batsmen saying, “Over-rated batsman and personally I see nothing special in his batting. I enjoy watching English and Australian batsmen more than these Indians,” 

Virat Kohli replied sarcastically, “Okay, I don’t think you should live in India then…you should go and live somewhere else, no? Why are you living in our country and loving other countries? I don’t mind you not liking me but I don’t think you should live in our country and like other things. Get your priorities right.” 

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However, Virat’s comment made national headlines and people criticized him for his words. Even former cricketers and cricket pundits hauled Virat up for his comments to the fans who have made the game so popular in India and given players like him demi-god status.

Now former India batsman and currently a well-known commentator, Sanjay Manjrekar too opined about the whole Virat ‘Leave India’ fiasco.

Manjrekar speculated that Virat Kohli was surrounded by ‘yes men’, people who affirm all of his actions and words and he didn’t have enough people who challenged his actions and thoughts.

Manjrekar tweeted, “Virat may already have them, I don’t know, bit it’s critical when you are a star that you have at least five people around that will challenge your actions & thoughts. A star inevitably attracts a million ‘yes men’ around.

By Jatin Sharma