MS Dhoni is always smiles
MS Dhoni is always smiles

Former India captain MS Dhoni is counted among the most humble cricketers. His form may fluctuate but his attitude towards his fans and the game remains the same.

This is one thing which his teammates and his observers have admired the most about Dhoni. In welcoming his well-wishers with open arms and treat them as one of his own, the 37-year-old has always set an example for other celebrities.

Hardly any rudeness, always a smile on the face and satisfying words is how the former Indian cricketer addresses his fans.

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A glimpse of his softness towards his followers was seen in a video which is doing rounds on social media. Apart from being a renowned cricketer, Dhoni has made a meek image among the fans which was perfectly reflected while he interacted with a young fan in the viral video.

The down-to-earth personality also shook hands with the fan and was seen engaging in a chat as if he is trying to explain him something with a smile.

These type of small gesture makes the fans and followers happy. The kid is going to remember these moments forever. It was a lifetime moment for the little one.

Here is the video: 

By Sihyeu Prakash Singh